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if you’re in bangkok, bring an apple

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Tom Howells is an idiot. A self-centred, well-meaning, vainglorious idiot. He is every backpacker that has approached South East Asia as a means of discovering himself. He is also a chronic masturbator.

Jacob Stevens is beautiful. He is a self-assured, flippant womaniser and Tom’s best friend. He is also a short arse.

IF YOU’RE IN BANGKOK, BRING AN APPLE is the account of how Tom and Jacob wind their way from Hanoi to Bangkok by way of beautiful Danes, lovable prostitutes, lucky pants, friendships new and old, and all manner of failed seductions.

It’s a tale of the humour brought about by the shared experience of third-
world tourism, falling in and out of lust and STDs found in unusual places.

It’s a story that accurately reflects the day-to-day world of backpacking and casts a critical (though pustulous) eye over what happens when young adults travel thousands of miles to expand their horizons get drunk, stoned and forget that the exploitation of a country and its people should be frowned upon.


Dispensable people

With a civil rights movement causing social unrest, terrorist factions are looking to to burn Japan’s centuries-old societal hierarchy to the ground.

Mop-topped pop band, The Mushis, are at the forefront of a cultural explosion that is putting the capital, Edo, at the epicentre of the ‘swinging sixties’ revolution.

The cold war between Japan and Pan-Braziliana is heightening as the world’s two remaining superpowers compete to win an intensifying arms race.

And in the middle of it all, Detective Sam Stark just wants to take on enough cases to pay the bills, drink the odd whisky or ten, and try to forget that he saved the world while destroying all that he loved.

He also wants people to stop commenting on his weight.

But we don’t always get what we want, particularly Sam. And when he takes on a high-profile missing person case he finds himself ensconced in a world of samurai, yakuza and the barely-believable supernatural. And it’ll take more than a few wise cracks and hard-boiled cynicism to get out of it.

The first in the Detective Stark series, DISPENSABLE PEOPLE, is coming soon…