Now settled in Japan after stints living in the UK, the US, Australia and Sweden, I love getting out and meeting people, seeing what their stories are, learning about how we differ and what we have in common. And if that happens to be in the nearest pub or flying down a mountain, then all the better.

When I’m not doing that, I write…

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After coming to Japan to teach high school English, I started writing about the crazy things I came across in this sometimes confusing land, simply for my own enjoyment.

More by chance than anything else, my ramblings were discovered by an expat magazine that, as luck would have it, had just lost their comedy writer, and I was coopted into their somewhat motley crew.

A year later my debut novel, If You’re in Bangkok, Bring an Apple, was published, and I expanded my copywriting portfolio through Japan-based magazines and websites. From there I branched out into educational publications and popular culture magazines around the world, before becoming the primary content provider for the Asia branch of a major multinational recruitment company.

I have in that time found that my writing style has developed and matured, but one thing that has never changed is my understanding of my clients’ needs, and the knowledge that their story needs to be told.

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